Salt Air Crossings Quilts




Freebird Interpretations Quilt

Before my longarm, I quilted on my domestic machine.  Often I would have difficulties with a fluid movement - so I turned my machine and it really made the flow a little easier. Here is a link to a post about it:
Machine Quilting the Perpendicular Way


  1. Hey Andrea, I love your blog, and I would really like to feature it on mine with your permission - I share something I like every saturday. You have a cool style. I would love to make quilting my work too!

    1. Absolutely! I would be honoured .

  2. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Aurifill threads cheapest in Canada is Tristan threads. Also please try Glide by Fil-Tech it is amazing. I use the wonderfill(invisafill) in the bottom and glide or aurifill on top. If you want a sample give me a shout. Keep blogging girl. I found you via the stickers, bling for the machine.
    Vanecea Greene

  3. Just picked up my christmas quilt that Andrea did.
    It is absolutely beautiful.
    She hurried for me, so I could give it to my daughter for Christmas.
    I know my daughter will be thrilled.
    Thankyou Andrea. You do beautiful work.
    Sheila Rhodes

  4. Andrea, I truely loved looiking thru a lot of your blog! Not enough time to go thru all of it right now.. will refer back to it for more eye candy.

    Terrific Job and love your quilting. Love the feathers which also feature the curly hook mixed in. it really gives a lot to the quilt,, and is an excellent example of your quilting, and designs.

  5. Wow, Andrea, your quilting on the Butterfly Quilt is absolutely stunning! Beautiful quilt by Diane. I am in Edmonton, but wished I lived closer LOL

  6. Hi Andrea. Just wondering if your tutorials are available somewhere else as they don't seem to be on Moda Bake Shop. Many thanks. Jocelyn


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