Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do I have to give it back?

Ashley, from Yellowknife pieced this beautiful hexagon top.

When I received it, I laid it out on my design wall and had a good thinking session.  The photo below shows what a quilt looks like when I receive it -  it is flimsy...a flat sheet of fabric. 
There was a lot of negative space in here...and a lot of beautiful piecing to showcase as well.  
 I did continuous curves in the hand pieced hexagons ...
 I did some ribbon candy,  c's, and wishbone quilting.  I also stitched down all the seams of the little 2''squares.  You can see what a difference it makes in texture...the right side strip has been stitched in between each square. The left strip, not(this is an in progress photo)   Love the extra pouf personality you get with this!
In the large empty spaces,  I quilted....
swirls, pebbles, uturns,
hexagons of different sizes, 
hexagons with different fills.

This quilt measures 84'' x 88'' 
Batting  is Hobbs 80/20 
I used SoFine 50 in cream,  super bobs in the bobbin
Quilted on my APQS machine.  

How do I tell my client I don't want to give it back?   

Saturday, February 14, 2015

In the studio...

Linda brought in a few amazing quilts for me to work on this week -   I love the bold batiks anchored by the black sashing on this one.   We chose a pantograph pattern called Dazzle, and a fuchsia variegated thread by Aurifil.   
Better shot of the pantograph design Dazzle on the backing...
 The thread colour by Aurifil just sings on this top -  it melts right into the variety of colours, and then on the black sashing you see pops of the colour.  Love the colour choice!
This batik beauty was quilted with a looser overall design using leafs and swirls.
This design was fun to work on after a lot of dense quilting earlier on in the week.

 Tamara brought in this lovely batik quilt - Willow Stonehenge -The Pond pattern.   I quilted a long wavy grass texture in the darker areas, and a watery meander in and around the lily pads to represent the pond.  I used an incredible thread by Glide called Fool's Gold -  it is kind of a metallic army green and it really goes well with those brown and taupe batiks.   Need to order more! 
 I have learned that brown quilts are almost impossible to photograph!  I find it really hard to get the lighting right to show the quilting!  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Neutral quilt with modern style...

Beautiful modern quilt pieced by Linda.  I love the neutral colours she chose.   
It was pretty easy for me to see how I would want to quilt it -  emphasizing the piecing and the contrast of light and dark....and Linda was all for it.  
 I densely quilted the inner white areas and the border, using a variety of simple fills like u-turns, swirls, pebbles.   This photo doesn't show it but  I also quilted down the centre white diamond shapes and stitched between the blocks for more definition. 

 The outer border of this quilt was a scallop print. It was carefully pieced with perfect matching edges.  I just quilted along the lines to give it some texture.  

 Clamshell fill
 swirl flower fill
 a mix of swirls and pebbles I like to call jewelled swirls.
 Backing -  I also stitched the ditch area of the outer blocks to show definition of the piecing and stabilize the fabric some more.  

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Karlee Porter - Graffiti Quilting Class

This looks like it will be a good and inexpensive class to attend.  It's a half day workshop, lunch optional for $50!   or  $75 includes lunch and a trunkshow.  

Saturday May 2 -   morning or afternoon session at Bow Bench Retreat just south of Calgary.

Karlee is a modern quilter and her work is inspired by urban graffiti artists.   You can view her website at

This class will be great for machine quilting practice on a home sewing machine or a long arm -  she does much of her work on her HQ16 sit down machine such as in this video: 

If you are interested in attending this class,  contact Deb at LoopyD Quilting..her contact info is at the bottom of her webpage :-) 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Urban 9 Patch quilt

This beauty was pieced by Shena of Apple Pie Patchwork  in Lethbridge.   Isn't it stunning?
Based on SewKindofWonderful's Quick Curve ruler and patterns.  I love how this one was done with an assortment of solids, framed in a dark navy blue. It's so pretty!

I lightened the photos a bit to show some of the quilting on the navy blue. 

 close up of some of the blocks as I was working on them - note some of the areas are not complete yet 

The backing is pretty too - I love how the quilting shows up.  

One thing that is always difficult is to pick a bobbin thread that will work for your top threads, especially when there are so many colours in your quilt.  This is especially true when you have a solid colour fabric will show every single thing! Because the backing was a green and navy solid,  I chose navy as my main bobbin colour.  Contrasting top and bottom threads are risky in that you may see evidence of them on either side of your quilt.   So,  I chose a navy bobbin thread for the majority of the quilt - except for the white top/white bobbin areas. 

I loved working on this quilt!

Quilted on my apqs machine
Hobbs 80/20 batting
Assortment of Glide and Superior Magnifico threads on top to match colours
Navy blue, white Decobob prewound bobbins from Wonderfil

I have some pretty amazing quilt tops in queue for the next while....stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

an end to 2014..

I worked with a client to create this double sized quilt of greys and blues.  She really wanted the Michael Miller Bicycles fabric to be the showcase, but when we put all of the coordinating prints together it because a bit mushy mess of prints - so I added a few extra greys and it turned out great!

This gorgeous quilt top came to me and I knew exactly what panto to use for it.   It had dragonflies on it and a gentle meander throughout.   

This blue quilt top was a definite 'before' and 'after' photo.  I wish I had the before!   The quilting really made it sing. 

 I used the Spring Garland pantograph, and just the extra texture and movement in the design helped to give the top more dimension.   

A very simple quilt top  - featuring a beautiful Christmas print.   I knew the perfect thread to go with this, a metallic lime green thread.  
 A simple meander was all it needed. 

 A modern custom quilt came to me, and while I cannot show everything, I can show a few snippets: 

 This one was so fun to work on.  I felt like it was a sketchbook for me to unleash my ideas upon.
 A beautiful triangle quilt made of all voile fabrics.   Voile fabric is light and thin cotton - and is on my list of things to make for next summer. The quilt is so light and airy.    I used the Filigree Panto on this one. 

I have been so busy that I have forgotten to take photos as I go.   This is wrong wrong wrong!!!   This will improve!!!   

Also -  more frequent blog posts will come.    I am more frequently on Instagram posting photos of work in progress.  It seems so much easier and quicker.  
 I can't even begin to tell you that I have not been reading blogs lately either.   I am trying to balance technology vs my needs vs family vs happiness vs keeping up with the (quilting) Jones'.   oh yes, and let's squeeze in some exercise time there too.   Another blog post for that one. 

Happy new year everyone!