Monday, July 04, 2016

More quilts to share - catching up

 Remember my modern quilt for my bed?  Well I had extra left overs, so I pieced them together and made a large lap quilt for my sister....  

This quilt was made using strips from my client's scrap stash.   She prefers very very loose quilting.   As she tells me.   If I think it's loose,  loosen it even more.  ha!   To give you an idea of how large this meander is -  I put one of my L sized bobbins inside one of the meander curves.  
 That's large quilting -  but it is lovely...all draped and soft and very much withing the batting limits of quilting every 4''.
 Another scrap quilt she did -  this one is so cool -  strip piecing and then cut on a 60'' angle to make diamond shapes...or are they parallelograms?  
 A beautiful Christmas table runner...a loose overall design with loops, swirls, holly leaves and snowflakes.  
 Another queen sized bed quilt - aren't these colours beautifuL?  Just a simple patchwork quilt...I used the Tranquilty pantograph on this quilt. 

Jamie pieced this flannel baby quilt for her new baby.   I love the navy blue, coral and mint greens together!  This is before the quilting...
 and here is after...mostly straight line designs to emphasize the geometric feel to this quilt.  I did mostly looser work to keep the gentle softness of the baby quilt.

That's all for now....have another quilt to showcase -  A tula pink butterfly quilt...but am working on the photos for that one first!  

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