Monday, January 18, 2010

Green with Envy

The envy being the red in this quilt ;-) Windy day here. Enlarge the photo and hopefully you can see the red better....I wish I could figure out photography. Oh well, this is an amateur blog, so I hope you understand.

I'll post more details as to the size; pattern I somewhat followed; colours of Kona used; etc.... but here is the quilt top done. Now to baste it (blech) and quilt it. Any suggestions on quilting it? I'm thinking horizontal meandering, but I'm kind of nervous about all of the seams. I may just leave it for a bit. I'm kind of sick of it.

My Simply Solids Project is definately underway! I've ordered more solids for my next quilt, which I made the pattern myself.

My Ethan quilt is underway too - I'm using a selection of Katie Jump Rope fabrics, rather than the pink he coloured with. He was okay with that ;-) I just wanted to get something fresh and simple started, as this Green with Envy quilt just kind of made me feel blah.

Kona Colours Used for Green with Envy:
Med. Grey
Sour Apple


  1. oh andrea, this is great. im so inspired to start cutting my fabrics to strips!

  2. I love it. The colours are great.

  3. It looks great! What about quilting it with vertical lines? I can only imagine the battle meandering would give me with all those seams! And vertical lines would emphasize that aspect of the pattern.

  4. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Oh wow, what an absolutely stunning quilt! Good luck with the quilting :)


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